What are the 10 most popular ice cream tastes?

HE-LA-DO, My mouth is watering just thinking about him. A summer without ice cream is not summer. Did you ever wonder where he came from? Who invented it? What are the tastes we consume the most?


According to the blog gastronomy&Inc The history of ice cream is remote thousands of years ago. It seems that the Chinese many centuries before Christ mixed the snow of the mountains with honey and fruits.

The preparation of the ice cream at that time was so complicated that they were only taken by the nobility. It was an adventure to keep an ice cream until a king or rich merchant could taste it because they did not have refrigerators.

We all know how fast an ice cream melts. To make an ice cream and keep it cold was needed, so they paid carriers to go up the mountains to look for snow, which they then deposited in deep wells covered with straw.

Luckily the times have changed, the technology to advanced and today we can enjoy an ice cream any time of the year.

What are the ten tastes of ice cream more Orders

  1. Ice cream
  2. Chocolate ice cream


  3. Dulce de leche ice cream
  4. Vanilla ice cream


  5. Banana Splits Ice Cream
  6. White Chocolate Ice Cream
  7. Tiramisu ice cream
  8. Strawberry ice cream


  9. Ice Cream with Chocolate Sparks
  10. Mint ice cream

What are your favorite tastes? Do you dare to evaluate the attention you receive in an ice cream shop?shutterstock_368441201

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