When to buy becomes a mystery

Many of us have already had the experience of going out shopping for “some” little things and ending up with half of our empty bank account. But did you know that there are some companies that pay you to go

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shopping? In those cases, you suddenly become “Mystery Evaluator”. Of course, it is much more than that. These evaluators become secret agents of what is called “Undercover Customer Investigation”  

Well, what exactly is this taboo called Covert Customer Investigation? It is simply the fact of shopping as a regular customer but paying close attention to every detail by going to a store, a restaurant or taking a plane, while they pay you to do so. These lovers of undercover shopping then have to complete a form evaluating the service they received. In this way they help companies obtain valuable information about their service, allowing them to improve the care they provide to their customers.

So how exactly would a covert assessment be?

shutterstock_97220222_resizedPedro Gomez goes to a fast food chain. On the way, watch carefully if there are signs on the street that guide you to the restaurant or not. Once it is there:

  • Check if the place is clean and smells good, including employees.
  • Memorize the amount of time you spend in the box line.
  • Once it’s up to him to order, Pedro watches if the cashier is friendly and helpful.
  • When he gives the first bite he has to concentrate on not letting himself be carried away by his delicious taste.
  • When you return home you must complete a detailed questionnaire about your visit.

However, Pedro is happy to have his hamburger for free, and the restaurant chain will be happy to receive your appreciations. This scenario is going to be repeated by numerous evaluators, and in different restaurants of the chain, during a period that varies according to the desires of each company. The final evaluation will allow them to look for solutions to improve both globally and in each particular store.

It is important to clarify that there are different scenarios and types of visits. Sometimes the evaluator just needs to:

  • Make a phone call.
  • Act as a future customer.
  • Or give feedback to the seller after the evaluation

But the end of all evaluations remains the same: improving the consumer experience. Be a
Mysterious evaluator or a person without any secrets, I’m sure you’ll like to spend extra money or have some nice free products. If you want to enjoy the adrenaline that gives you being a mysterious evaluator, then here you have a chance.

Author: AnneloreAnnelore Valencia_edited

She has been employed by Bare International in the Antwerp office since September 2011. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Linguistics in English and Spanish and a bachelor’s degree in management. He likes to discover new places, to travel, to read and to go out with his friends to enjoy the delicious Belgian beers.

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