There’s no doubting that COVID-19 has changed customer service forever. BARE shares an excerpt from SiteMinder on the points to take into account to meet guest expectations and achieve full customer satisfaction.

The way that hospitality businesses operate and deliver experiences will undergo a raft of edits and adaptations to form a new normal in the long term. But changes have to happen now, and quickly. Failure will result in a business that isn’t operating at all.

On top of complying to any government and industry instated requirements, hotels will need to look closely at what travelers might be coming to their area, what they’re looking for, and what services can be provided to them.

Take into account:

  • Flexible booking policies

Many guests will be hesitant to book too far in advance and also may be forced to cancel reservations at short notice. The waiving or relaxing of cancellation fees is widespread across the industry for hotels, OTAs, and airlines. It will help to ensure vital guest satisfaction and future loyalty by offering empathy through flexibility.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene

Travelers will naturally be health conscious when they travel in the immediate future so you need to make assurances that your hotel is undertaking best practices in this area. Assess which areas of your property need improvement and increased precautions.

  • Shared spaces (lobby, bar, restaurant, pool etc)

Overcrowding should be avoided at all costs as many guests will be concerned about this – and it will likely be illegal. Again, assurances will need to be made that you have this under control. Intensify cleaning procedures, especially in high-touch areas like these.

  • Contactless check-in, room entry, room service etc

These are requests that travelers have been leaning towards for some time prior to the pandemic, but will become much more of a demand now. Not only will it save the guest time and inconvenience, it will now make them feel safer. Hotels should access industry-specific apps to help with check-in and room functionality.

  • Wellness services and amenities

The psychological effects of a global event like this shouldn’t be understated. Travelers will be looking for body and soul restoration, to feel healthy, clean, and normal again. Many will be eager to escape the surroundings they have just spent in lockdown to find calmer experiences.

  • Surge in adventure/active holidays

Being cooped up for weeks and months on end will have travelers craving adventure, exploration, and fun new experiences. Hotels should look at what packages they can offer for this group. It’s the perfect time to connect with local companies to broaden your offering.

  • Local health facilities

Even when all the restrictions have dissipated, the fear won’t. Guests will be making sure local health services are close to where they are staying and are reliable, to ensure the safety of themselves, family, friends, and colleagues.

To aid guests, update information on your website, including room descriptions and use guest messaging apps to make communication easier and more personalized.

It’s important to put together a solid, proactive action plan that redefines the guest journey if you’re going to come out on top after the dust settles. The businesses that innovate and recognize the opportunities available to them will be the ones that succeed.


The Hospitality industry has been the cornerstone of BARE’s business since launching in 1987. Since then, management professionals at locations including hotels, resorts, conference centers, restaurants, bars, and spas have leveraged BARE’s deep understanding of the Hospitality industry to customize research programs allowing clients to streamline operations, increase integrity, and improve the quality of customer service.

How do we ensure your customers are receiving the best possible customer service? A customized formula of mystery calling and shopping, in-store and online audits, e-mailing, and mystery leads reveal how well your employees were trained and brand standards are executed.

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