Buying a car can become more expensive if you are not careful. So to avoid losing a lot of money, it is interesting to prepare correctly.

What type of car: new or second-hand?

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You’ve wondered how you’d survive a day without coffee. Without that rich aroma that comes out of the kitchen in the morning and brings you a smile. Where would you draw the energy to keep your eyes open?

Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water. Black, with milk, cappuccino; Alone, with sugar or sweetener, each has its own preference. Even if you do not consume it you can not deny that its aroma is extremely attractive.

Can you imagine your life without coffee? Without caffeine. Coffee gives you the energy you need to work.

According to the journalist Vanesa LopezThis ancestral drink brings several benefits:

1) Helps prevent traffic accidents

One of the most frequent causes of traffic accidents is drowsiness.

2) Fight cellulite

It is used as an active compound in creams since caffeine reactivates the circulation.  

3) Is protective

Stimulates the growth and activity of bacteria beneficial to the intestinal flora. It has a prebiotic effect.

4) It wakes you up!

Impossible to go out in the mornings of your house without a coffee. Thanks to caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system, we wake up and are more alert.

5) Es rico en antioxidantes

Coffee acts as an antioxidant, prevents or delays the oxidation of cells. It is in 6th place among the 50 foods and beverages that are a source of antioxidantes”.

6) It is a skin exfoliant

Thanks to its texture can be used as a scrub for the skin, giving it in turn more firmness and toning.

7) Is digestive

We often conclude a lunch or dinner having coffee. It has faculties that stimulate gastric secretion.

8) Maintains cognitive function in the elderly

Due to its ability to stimulate the central nervous system.  “ Cognitive impairment is reduced by half in people who had the habit of regularly drinking three cups of coffee a day.”

9) Conceal dark circles

It is used as a component in creams to reduce dark circles. Decongestens and activates circulation.

10)Improves sports performance

It gives us energy, it gives us more desire to exercise. “It increases the ability to perform muscular work, especially for long-lasting performance”.

What do you expect to have a rich cup of coffee? Café Colombiano, Costa Rican, Brazilian … The variety is infinite, look for your favorite. If you do not have a good coffee maker in your house go to a store in your neighborhood, where, in addition to a delicious cup of coffee, you get the attention you deserve. Read the newspaper and look at the city..

Coffee shop

Do you want to evaluate the attention you receive at coffee shops?

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“Oh, sorry, I just lost my wig. “- As a mysterious evaluator, have you ever been in a similar situation? This is the story of a young man named Sam, Which is quite good, but needs to improve a bit. Obviously we changed his name but the story is real.

The extraordinary story of a Mystery Evaluator

There was once a mysterious evaluator who dreamed of being the best of them all. As you can imagine this did not start very well. Let’s see some of the encounters of our protagonist.

In the visits – always chequea Work and never reveal your identity.

Resource Manager:  – Good morning, Bare International. How can I help you?

Sam: – Hello, my name is Sam. I checked in last week and already paid a visit, but I can not see it on my evaluator log (Shop log).

RM: – Hi Sam, I’m sorry, I can not see her either. Did you receive a notification email that indicated that the visit was assigned?

Sam: –  Emm … no … yes! I think so.

RM: – Are you sure? It’s weird because I’m seeing that visit I assigned to another evaluator.

Sam: – Wait, does that mean I’m not getting paid?

RM: – Well, in the case of this visit as never was assigned, no. We can not pay you for something we do not ask you to do.

Sam: – But I did everything perfect, I even wore a wig!

MR: – Sorry … I understood, did you put on a wig?

Sam: Yes, a wig. Black long.

RM: – Do you usually wear a wig?

Sam:– Do not misunderstand me, I have hair. Must be why the wig dropped me.

RM: – Was that before or after the visit?

Sam: – During the visit.

RM: – Lost the wig in the middle of the visit !?

Sam: Yes, but I was smart enough not to stress that it was a mysterious visit.

After this first shock, the Resource Manager y Sam They agreed to start over. The RM assigned him a visit. Sam received the confirmation e-mail and then made his first real visit.

All was well until one day one of the visits required that he present a test. A photo that had to be taken inside the store and in which the logo of the mark was to be seen.- Easy, no? What can go wrong in a mysterious visit?

Sam: – Hi, what was the problem? I sent the photo…

RM: – He sent us two photos. One of you with the store clerk…

Sam:- Yes, it was super fun!

RM: – Okay, but no brand logo is visible. And you do not need a selfie with employees, it’s a little suspicious.

Sam:– Okay, but I also sent someone else?

SM: – Yes … but it’s very small. We can not see the logo or anything. Could you send us one with more resolution?

Sam: – Oh no i can not.

RM: – Why not?

Sam: – I took that photo with my computer.

RM: – With the camera of your computer, the small one that brings in the front?

Sam: – Yes

RM: – To be a little more creative?

Sam: – When I was about to finish my visit and take the photo my cell phone ran out of battery. Luckily I had the computer with me

RM: – Emm .. Next be sure to carry it loaded.

Sam: – So next time, I take the photo before the visit?

RM: – If you want them to discover that you are a mysterious evaluator, Otherwise.

Poor Sam felt that being a mysterious evaluator was not for him. The good thing is that he did not give up. Neither should you do it.

This is the end of Sam’s story though we are sure more stories will come. Remember: if you do not wear a wig in your daily life better leave it at home. It is better for the wig, for your Resource Manager and for you.

Anita Kocsisfacebook_profile picture

Anita is an employee of Bare International. Apart from his work on the Social Media and Recruiting team, he loves to practice yoga, read and travel. Innovations and technology are passionate about it. He holds a master’s degree in International Business and Economics.

Do you feel like being part of our team of evaluators?

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What is being a mysterious Evaluator?

It is to be the engine of our company, is to audit the stores of the big brands with a spark of adrenalin And in exchange for a pay.

The mysterious evaluator alias client incognito, hidden customer or mystery shopper, helps to improve the quality of the service experience.

Why is incognito?

We want to know how the real customer experience is. If the employees know who the evaluator gives them extra attention.

Who asks for the audit?

The companies themselves want to improve the service they provide to their customers in their stores. Through the visits they evaluate theQuality, service and attention.

What’s the score?

With your evaluations, brands discover what changes they need to make in order to reach theexcellence In consumer service.

Because you?

You have a little free time, you want to earn extra money, you want to have fun and appreciate the good service.

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Second part of the blog.  (primera parte) 

You hear me say:

  • I do not have time to look for a new job, go to interviews … Who will pay my bills while I do not work?

Job search can be a difficult time in your life. Browse the portals, adjust your CV, go to interviews, etc. You should not forget that you have the power to organize your day and that finding extra sources of income has never been easier. We live in the age of online sharing. You can share your car, or better yet become a Uber driver. If you speak a language very well or know your city very well you can teach or offer as a guide for tours! It will take you just a couple of clicks to post an advertisement online.

shutterstock_312355676Do you love to go shopping? Is it important for you how you are treated? Then maybe you want to become a Mysterious evaluator. You only have to register in the database of
Undercover customer companies And look at what projects are in your area. You can choose when, where and how often to make mysterious visits. You go shopping anyway, do not you?

If you become a mysterious evaluator:

  • You spend more time moving, which is a lot more fun than sitting in the office looking at the same walls for months.
  • You meet new people. You will be able to meet sales agents and get lots of information about the techniques they employ. In turn you will be in touch with the employees of the Mystery Appraisers companies. A little networking is never wrong, especially if you consider that companies usually end up hiring the best evaluators to work within them.
  • You put your conversational skills into practice. You probably do not have experience as an undercover agent. Be evaluador encubierto Is full of surprises. Sometimes you have to improvise to get out of unexpected situations. Your identity can never be revealed. Enjoy the adrenaline and become the best agent in town!
  • You learn about premium brands, help improve customer service standards, and get paid. This is especially interesting if you want to work in the future in marketing or sales.

No one can promise you that this type of income will compensate for the loss of a full salary, but if it is fun and that may be enough to help you a couple of months until you find a job in which Mondays are also a good day. Google is your friend, explore opportunities.
Life is too short to do something you do not like. 

Second part of the blog. You missed the first one? You click aquí

Auhtor: Szintia1601260_10203075703433404_7153695029350124384_n

Szintia works for Bare International. He has a master’s degree in Strategic Management in Human Resources. Apart from his work in the team social networking and recruiting, he loves sports and traveling. She is a couchsurfer and is currently learning her sixth language.

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new pgae

Do you feel that you have to start doing something new? You need a change in your life but you do not know if you will resist a new job search. This article can help you discover the signs of a burn-out and explain what benefits can make you a mysterious evaluator while you are not working. afull time.

Are you very tired at the end of the day?

You say you do not have time to exercise, to go out, to learn new things, you’re too tired at night. Except that your work demands a lot of physical energy, this should not be habitual. It is not work that makes you tired. It is the negative feelings that surround you and that slowly take away your energy and motivation.   

Minorities at work affect you more than they should

You want to throw the coffee machine out the window. Even the colleague’s eyebrows sitting next to you irritate you. Once your mood is not in the indicated stage you are more susceptible to small details bothering you more than they should. Just ask yourself … would you react in the same way if you were at home in a good mood? If not, clearly you are feeling frustrated and need to change something.  

Do you express your mood in days?

  • How are you?
  • You know, it’s Monday. – Answers obfuscated
  • How are you?
  • Excellent! What a question, it’s Friday!

The only thing that makes sense in your life is the weekend and you’re looking forward to it all week long. The
Five days waiting to just enjoy two? Alert!
Labor crisis.

To be continued…

Do not miss the second part Of the blog. 

Author: Szintia1601260_10203075703433404_7153695029350124384_n

Szintia works for Bare International. He has a master’s degree in Strategic Management in Human Resources. Apart from his work in the team social networking and recruiting, he loves sports and traveling. She is a couchsurfer and is currently learning her sixth language.

Do you feel like being part of our team of evaluators?

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How does it work?

You sign up. Evaluate. You get paid.

What is the end?

Improve the service experience.

What does it mean to be a Mystery Evaluator?

Evaluate one of our clients through a visit in person. Then complete a form with your evaluation.

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What projects are there near me?

You can check on the Job Board what projects are in your area.

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Is there a variety of projects?

All projects are different because BARE International customers have different needs and we design exclusive programs to meet them. We work with the food industry, automotive, clothing and much more.

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How do I receive my payment?

Through a bank transfer, paypal or western union. Approximately the 20th of the month following the month in which the projects were completed. Pay varies between 5 -35 USD per project depending on the scope, difficulty, and commitment of time dedicated.

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